A Repeatable Approach to Bring Peace of Mind

In today’s ever-evolving cyber threat environment, up-to-date and comprehensive security solutions are no longer an option—they are mandatory.  If your organization suffers a data breach, you could lose your good reputation, compliance standing and the lifeblood of your business—your data.

The Clearview cybersecurity team utilizes an approach to information security services which incorporates a continuum of our internally developed hybrid risk management framework. Our framework encompasses best practices, management, operational and technical security controls, and solutions, ranging from passive protective measures to active defensive responses. We bring to bear a set of methodologies that enable us to assess the situational security posture of sensitive information and information systems in a consistent and repeatable approach to determine what security measures to apply for securing the information assets.

Security Operations Center

Threats are Inevitable as such proactive continuous monitoring is everything If any facet of your organization is connected to the internet then you are at risk of a cyber-attack. The reality is that being attacked is a matter of “when” rather than “if”. At Clearview, we have a unique and expansive knowledge of the threat landscape faced by many industries. With deep experience in both internal audit and IT risk, we know how to improve your security posture and ensure that your organization is prepared to face any threat while also ensuring you are meeting your regulatory or compliance needs.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC is at the forefront of the necessary solutions businesses today need. While having the right technology is essential, your technology assets need to be monitored by cybersecurity experts 24/7/365. We understand that threats and attacks do not occur strictly during office hours, which is why our dedicated security experts and systems run all year round.

Incident Response

When a cyber-breach occurs, the response must be fast, thorough and decisive. Immediate action is required on several fronts. Cyber threats and attacks may result in business disruption, a loss of organizational data, brand or reputation risk, loss IP. The nature of the breach must be established and enclaved and the losses and damage understood. We must mitigate further attacks must be prevented by urgent action, while a longer-term solution is found.

The Clearview cybersecurity support team can mobilize to handle any cybersecurity incident. Common use cases involve assisting clients recovering from ransomware attacks that involve file encryption, cyber extortion & hacker communications, cryptocurrency settlement, and file decryption/recovery. Our team is equipped with the latest tools to ensure recovery time and costs are minimized.

Ransomware Negotiation

Clearview’s cybersecurity team offers ransomware incident response to help you recover from ransomware when backups are not an option. If you had negotiated with a cyber-criminal and send, $100,000 of cryptocurrency an hour from now…could you? We see and offer ransomware negotiation as a new critical category to incident response and disaster recovery.

SEIM Audit & Monitoring

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Managed Security Service delivers a comprehensive technical and operational program for our clients. This experience combined with our in-house audit, risk and compliance expertise ensure we help our customers meet their compliancy requirements. Our service seamlessly integrates with our client’s infrastructure. Through this service, we provide monthly reporting and analytics with the ability to provide in-depth reporting where required. The pro-active monitoring SIEM service is run by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) where highly skilled cybersecurity engineers are overseeing the monitoring, management and incident response to any security-related events and alerts.

Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerabilities within organization infrastructure, cloud networks, web applications, and databases continue to evolve and emerge every day, caused by software defects and misconfigurations, leaving doors wide open for those bad actors and nation states to find. Finding any of these vulnerabilities quickly and proactively is critical in ensuring your organization maintains a secure environment. Clearview’s cybersecurity team and experience IT auditors can perform both internal and external scan audits. We are able to do these on-premise or within your cloud environments. We bring both the tools and expertise to help your organization or provide extended expertise to your internal IT and Cybersecurity team.

Network Vulnerability Scans should be active, continuous scanning of your technology infrastructure combined with guidance for remediation with risk and compliance reporting. This is part of our recommend cybersecurity and compliance program which we believe is a critical component for detecting and responding to information security risks.

Application Vulnerability Scans are another facet whereby our cybersecurity professionals test and validate your organizational applications. To ensure there are no security weaknesses within your web applications. Which might allow a bad actor to exfiltrate your organization and customer information. A more severe situation would allow those same bad actors to launch an exploit which may have a more critical enterprise impact.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Does your organization need to comply with regulations and standards such as SOC I-II, GDPR, DFARS, HITRUST, NIST, FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and others? Are your internal resources stretched to capacity and your organization lacks the necessary expertise to identify all compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities?

More than ever before, organizations need to comply with regulatory requirements to protect sensitive information about their customers, who may be consumers or patients. The penalties associated with not meeting compliance requirements are not insignificant. Further, organizations have to expend precious internal resources to gain compliance expertise and then manage regulatory requirements for privacy and information on a recurring basis. This can be challenging for most organizations. We can help with our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) program.

Our Compliance as a Service Program is designed to address critical regulatory requirements. This program allows customers to outsource their regulatory activities which will lower costs and save time. Our Compliance as a Service Program is tailored to meet HIPAA, PCI, SOX and other regulatory requirements and provide you with specialized capability in the areas of vulnerability assessments, BIA and contingency planning, training and certification, as well as audit and evaluation. We focus on regulatory requirements and keeping you compliant, so you can focus on your business and your customers.

InfoSec Governance

Security programs tend to focus on technology to protect organizations, while often neglecting the people, processes, and policies needed to manage the program. It may seem like an overwhelming and almost useless project to undertake. Your InfoSec governance plan should include the elements required to provide the organizational leadership with the assurance that its direction and intent are reflected in the security posture of the organization by utilizing a structured approach to implementation. Clearview’s team can guide your organization thru this maturity process no matter where you are in the lifecycle. We would typically start by conducting a gap analysis which will allow us to collect and further define the initiatives your organization needs to reach your target state.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing is the next step forward from a Vulnerability Assessment which will help your organization down the path to cyber and risk protection. Consistent and regular review and testing of your organization’s infrastructure’s ability to withstand attacks is a critical element to your InfoSec program. Our Penetration testing will provide your organizations leadership with the confidence that your technology systems are secure from attack and provide reassurance to your customers who are more aware than ever of the threats companies face.