Personal Property Tax

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At Clearview, we know that personal property taxes can be a significant tax burden that may even exceed a company’s federal and state income tax burden. Despite the potential to account for a significant portion of a company’s effective tax rate, many organizations do not have the internal resources to stay current with the ever-changing complexities of personal property tax compliance. In addition, reducing your personal property tax burden requires the knowledge, experience and means to negotiate lower assessments with the taxing jurisdictions. At Clearview, we combine the knowledge, experience, relationships and technology to effectively manage the process and achieve the lowest assessment possible.

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Refund Analysis

  • Review Analytics
  • Substantiate Tax Refunds
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Appeals Assistance

  • Mass Appraisal Techniques
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Audit Defense

  • Challenge Audit Assessments
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Annual Compliance

  • Monitor Law Changes
  • Analyze Personal Property
  • Prepare Returns

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  • Chris Tracy


    Chris is a Director within the State & Local Tax (SALT) practice at Clearview Group. He is an experienced multistate transaction tax consultant specializing in Sales and Use, Virginia Business Professional Occupational License (BPOL), Business License, Gross Receipts, Personal Property, and Federal Excise.

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