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The Steps to Properly Handling Unclaimed Property

从分析数据到进行尽职调查,无人认领的财产可能是一项复杂的工作. Clearview Group helps streamline the process with analytic review, annual reporting, audit defense, VDA assistance and the development of policies and procedures. 

Every year, businesses are required to report “unclaimed property,” or unclaimed financial obligations. 这些债务包括未兑现的工资和应付帐款支票, customer credit balances, gift cards, dormant checking or savings accounts, as well as dividends and stocks. 不遵守的风险可能导致罚款和处罚, especially today, 因为各州更有动力发起审计和增加无人认领财产评估. As a result, 亚冠买球app下载需要发展一套行之有效的文件系统,以妥善处理潜伏负债和公开负债.

Baltimore-based consultancy Clearview Group 能否帮助企业与亚冠买球app下载经验丰富的州和地方税务专业人员建立联系,从而建立这一体系. Clearview’s team can identify a company’s areas of need, 制定一个全面的计划,使亚冠买球app下载合规,并帮助在未来保持合规.

Creating a Documented Process for Data Collection

First, 组织需要创建一个完整的书面流程,以减少无人认领财产的所有潜在来源.

“There is no right or wrong way to capture liability,” said Eric Mauldin, a Principal within Clearview Group’s State & 地税实务和无人认领财产部门实务负责人. “文件化的程序有助于概述你将如何跟踪责任,并确保财产得到适当处理. In addition, if you ever go through an audit or self-audit, 第一个被问及的问题是,您是否有适当的文档化政策和程序. If you do have procedures and are properly following them, you will look a lot better in the eyes of the state. A documented process will also help protect your company from fraud.”

对于无人认领的财产,有一套行之有效的系统是很重要的, 莫尔丁指出,同样重要的是确保程序是灵活的和最新的. Unclaimed property laws are constantly changing, 这就是为什么亚冠买球app下载不仅需要了解当前的州法规和法规, 但也要意识到法律的任何变化可能会影响本年度的申请.

Handling Stale-Dated Liabilities

When determining what is and is not unclaimed property, 有几种不同的方法来处理州日期负债, but the key, Mauldin says, is keeping track of all liabilities on the books.

“When it comes time to escheat unclaimed property, you don’t want it to be a hit to your liability and bottom line,” Mauldin said. 这就是为什么你永远不应该注销未兑现的负债或未使用的信贷作为收入,除非你确定没有债务. In a Delaware VDA, 任何已经开了至少90天的债务都可能被认为是无人认领的财产——如果你有一张已经开了90天的支票的话, for example, you will need to show the state how the item was remediated. 如果你不能解决一件事情,或者无法将资金与所有者重聚,不要将它们作为收入注销. 一个建议是把它们放到一个单独的G/L账户中,等待该项目根据州法律成为休眠项目. Clearview集团与每一家亚冠买球app下载合作,找出处理过时债务的最有效的流程.

Performing Due Diligence

一旦亚冠买球app下载确定了无人认领的财产,并应在当前报告期间的州的交易, 他们被要求试图通过尽职调查邮件联系业主. It is important to follow state requirements, which include first-class mailings (in most cases) and, for some states, certified letters.

“When it comes time to report, nearly every state mandates due diligence, 根据休眠物品的金额,你必须给每个人或亚冠买球app下载寄一封信,让他们有机会在休眠物品进入休眠状态后提出索赔,” Mauldin said. “我们总是建议开发一个项目,你可以接触到这些客户, employees or vendors before the credits or checks become dormant. 解决这些问题有很多方法,但关键是沟通.”

Using State-Approved Software to Help with the Compliance Process

After the due diligence process has been completed, 现在是向各国报告尚未解决和搁置的项目的时候了. 大多数州要求报告以电子方式提交,并直接上传到州网站. There are 53 jurisdictions in the U.S. that have unclaimed property laws, and each state has different exemptions, dormancy periods, due dates, due diligence requirements, payment requirements and more. Clearview Group帮助它的客户通过国家批准的软件来导航这些不同的需求.

“The software we use captures everything based on the state, as well as whether or not there has been any change to the laws,” said Mauldin. “There is free software out there, 但是一分钱一分货——我们使用的软件可以帮助你跟踪行业中发生的任何变化. Professional consultants generally use the paid software, 因为他们不想错过任何东西,也不想让他们的客户成为审计的目标.”

莫尔丁说,亚冠买球app下载制定年度合规时间表很重要. “Not all states have the same deadlines for corporations,” he said. “制定计划是很重要的,这样你才能赶在最后期限之前前进.“这可以成为之前提到的政策和程序的一部分.

Once the unclaimed property process is successfully finalized, 亚冠买球app下载必须保持至少十年的记录和文件. Today, unclaimed property audits are becoming much more common, 减少审计影响的最佳方法之一是能够显示一致的报告历史. Clearview集团将协助亚冠买球app下载进行年度无人认领财产报告, whether it be mailing due diligence letters, tracking responses, processing state reports or anything else.

Overall, handling unclaimed property can be a complex process, 莫尔丁表示,有一位了解具体细节的专家在飞机上是至关重要的. “Unclaimed property isn’t hard, it is just very detail-oriented, because it can go off the rails very easily,” he said. Clearview集团拥有团队来提供专业知识,并确保客户恰当地处理过程.”


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