Choosing the RIGHT Co-Source Partner

By: Kris Pratte

Choosing the RIGHT Co-Source Partner

Often, Chief Auditors are faced with the challenge of finding the right partner to supplement their resourcing and planning needs.  Some common questions that Chief Auditors may ask themselves is whether a Big 4 Firm or a specialty firm would be the best fit, and whether the need is for auditors or business consultants.  In general, Chief Auditors know what they do not want which is scattered contributors.  They strive to identify firms that can address all the department’s needs and that is never an easy task.

So how do you make the critical decision of who you will partner with to drive value in your organization as well as provide the technical expertise needed for the tasks at hand?  Whether you need general audit or advisory assistance or help in more specialized areas, such as cyber security, vendor management, data analytics, statistical modeling, or control optimization, it is difficult to find that right partner who can fulfill all your business needs.  But that is just it, they are truly business needs, so you need to look for those business folks in a firm with the right expertise to manage your needs and create the right partnership.

People make the difference in a service provider when your problems become theirs and they have the level of commitment to help solve your issues and improve your business environment.  The size of your company matters to firms and how they allocate resources to your business.  Are you big enough to get a larger firm’s “A” Team?  Middle market companies often find these bigger firms are not providing their top-notch talent to create the partnerships you need to develop the most efficient and effective operating model possible.   Truly, no matter your size, you need the right firm to support you and become a valued partner in your success.

What makes a firm a valued partner?  A valued partner is a firm that not only delivers on the task at hand, but also is interested in your success and the company’s success.  Being interested may mean opening their network to facilitate introductions that lead to strategic relationships, or providing candidates for open full-time positions at the company.  In general, a valued partner is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Clearview Group is one of the fastest growing and talented consulting firms in the country. The firm represents the best of the best in an honest, transparent and value-added partner to provide your company with business consulting, internal audit co sourcing and supplemental resources to knock out complicated projects or support your ongoing needs in every aspect of your business.  We believe we have the dedicated resources with the subject matter expertise to provide you “A” Team resources no matter your size or need.  Our professionals choose to work here because they believe in our approach, our culture and how we take care of our business partners.  Again, people make the difference and ours are the best in the business ready to take on your challenges!

Check us out at and let us show you what a difference a truly dedicated partner can be for your company and your long-term success.

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